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13 October 2010 @ 03:27 pm
Name: Ashley (not Ash :) )
Age: 22
Location: California

About me: I'm a mom of three beautiful kids (I got preggo young) I love reading and writing, I've never shown anyone but my mom anything I've wrote, until now hehehe. I'm married (sorry guys) I'm a very bright and cheery person and try to live life to the fullest. I also ride horses, it's my passion and a huge part of my life. Well I figured I wouldn't spend a huge amount of time on the about me when if you add me you can just learn more about me on my profile :)

About my journal: It's a mixture of me writing about everyday life and stories. It's a place for me to vent as well as share with friends.

What I write:
Right now Im leaning more towards teen fiction lol but I enjoy writing about all topics. I've never actually written something that people can actually see, so if you add me please hang in with me hehehe

What I read:
Right now Im working on Night World No. 1 which so far has been disappointing as far as the creativity of the writing, but I hate stopping halfway through a book.
What I don't read: I actually have very few books I won't read, if I can't get past the first 3 chapters without feeling some sort of excitment or lust for the next chapter then it's not a book for me.

Could I edit someone else's work: I could, if asked but honestly I don't think I'd be that great at it, Im not good at telling people if somethings wrong.

What I'm looking for: anyone who shares the same interests as me, and willing to maybe help me out
Where you can find me: Unfortunately I don't think Im willing to give out my other sites just yet :)

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13 October 2010 @ 03:46 pm
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09 September 2010 @ 02:02 am
Name: Jacquelyn, Jackie or Jac
Age: Seventeen
Location: Philippines

About me: I'm shy and I'm quiet, but I can be...loud, obnoxious, and a little crazy! (in a good way!) I'm 17 and  a freshmen in college taking communication and media studies. I want to be a journalist and write for a newspaper or magazine company more like for fashion and teens. And in my spare time i continue to strive to get my various novels and short stories. Besides reading and writng i like photography, its very exciting and a good way to help my inspiration. Let's see basic things i like, I love fashion all things hot pink and hearts. I grew up in California, USA but now am going to college in the Philippines.
I love the sun and I love summer but all seasons are the best depending on my mood.I love music, who doesn't? Every where I go my ipod goes with me. I love to laugh and make people laugh and i smile too much! :D

About my journal: entiries about my real personal life about college, friends, boys and crushes. Its my place where i can get opinions from the friends i met on lj where i am too shy to ask my friends for real and to ashamed to admit to them my problems. It has a lot of fandom stuff too.

What I write:
short stories, fanfiction, and novels. I started writing fanfictions about three years ago. i am starting to get tired of it but its my goal to finish the stories before i quit for good. i write about the stories from my dreams. Genres i write, romance, fiction, humor (sometimes), i have gotten into fantasy lately and i started a story about vampires but i might not finish it. i just wanted to try and see how it was. i like to write about royalty and Queens and princesses and old England time. My stories usually take place in make believe places but other stories are real like France, New York, California. 
What I don't write: slash stories, i never discovered to write it.

What I read:
Right now, fantasy pararnormal romance books, romance that are based to true life and newspapers. I mostly read fiction something with a good summary either a book or stories on different communities. I like reading books that leave me wanting more and not putting it down cause it is so interesting. Those kinds of books are the best for me. I don't have a favorite author or book though maybe one day i will.
What I don't read: anything that's boring and makes me fall asleep. Genres i don't read are horror and western. Pretty much i could read anything that catches my eye.

Could I edit someone else's work: I'm particular when it comes to editing so maybe i can help. i guess its a skill to catch mistakes when I'm reading. So, if you want some help editing i can be there for you.

What I'm looking for: another friend, someone who shares my interests in writing and can help point out mistakes, give me advice and criticisms. Most importantly be there when i feel down about writing who could pick me up and say i can do it.

Where you can find me:

writing journal

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03 September 2010 @ 05:54 pm
 Name: Kat

Age: 17

About me: Well I know I'm not as interesting as many others, but I'll give this a shot. I'm Kat, 17, lesbian, asian, and generally pessimistic about life. I can get very sacarstic, have bad grammer, spelling, and what not. I tend to gravitate to the sciences, and to cute blondes but nevermind. I like to be around open minded people and those who care about what I think.

About my journal: My journal's pretty much loads and loads of whining about things that catches my interest. Well, not exactly whining, but things that do catch my attention are usually things I hate.

What I write: More romance, fanfic, and fantasy. I am aiming for plots that are not romance driven... but I am still failing.

What I don't write: Erotica. And thrillers. Cos I totally suck at it.

What I read: Fantasy, medical dramas, lesbian romances.

What I don't read: Heterosexual romances. I am sick and tired of reading them, and I hope I won't have to touch one again.

Could I edit someone else's work?: I could... but I'll most likely pick on the more obvious errors. Not too good with the indept grammer stuff.

What I'm looking for: Friends, debate partners, maybe a gf but nevermind.
14 August 2010 @ 11:41 pm
 Name: Taylor, though you can really call me anything you want, I like lots of names besides my own! :D

Age: 16

About me: I always have difficulty with these things, I never know what to say, but for your sake, young authors, I will try. I love everything creative, although I'm horrifyingly terrible at any kind of visual art, except photography. I love to act, I love music, and I obviously love writing. I also like to dance and embrace the fact that I'm horrible at it with open arms! I have dreams just like the rest of you and I follow them with all of my heart (aww mush! :P)

About my journal: Okay, I should warn you, I have a chronic case of mind vomit, and my journal is basically the result of that. I am currently trying to post one entry every day, but I'm not entirely sure how that's going to work out (I've already failed twice...in a row). I also plan on posting some of my work, whether it be songs, videos, links, or other writing of mine.

What I write: Fantasy is my homegirl (homeboy? Do genres have a specific gender...well fantasy seems a bit more female to me so its now a girl), but I also write fiction, the occasional paper or article (and by occasional I mean they're about as rare as the Hope Diamond), and some songs!!!

What I don't write: Erm....um...nothing?

What I read: Again, fantasy is my favorite, but I also like fiction. Honestly, I'll read anything I find interesting.

What I don't read: I gave up on Twilight when it became so overly popular, and I'm not a huge romance/erotica person. That being said, I do like books with a good romance, I just don't like it when its stupid romance or just a bunch of sex.

Could I edit someone else's work?: If someone wanted me to, of course! I'm really picky though, be warned.

What I'm looking for: Um....friends? People who are awesome and are passionate about what they love to do, and who don't mind sharing that passion with the world.
12 August 2010 @ 12:57 pm

Name: Chloe

Age: 14

About me: Before you go assuming that I'm young, and therefore unable to form a complete sentence (although I still have trouble spelling 'sentence'), I would like to point out that everyone who has ever read my writing guessed I was 18, at the youngest. I've had a love affair with words since the day the first ones came tumbling from my lips. I, like the majority of people in the country, wish to be a published author. I always hope that my age will give me an edge in the publishing business, but it's still ridiculous to me how many terrible authors have had the misfortune to be printed.

About my journal: Mostly short pieces that were contest entries. A rare poem, but mostly creative stories. Some excerpts from longer pieces that I've turned into novels. As most any writer will tell you, it takes a lot to truly be in love with a story you are writing.

What I write: I write fiction, poetry, and the occasional ramble. Many, many people tell me that I'll some day be a great analytical or persuasive author (including my mother's phsycic). I could probably be an analytical writer, so long as it was on a topic that I cared about. Like the mistreatment of animals. Don't even get me started.

What I read: I hate myself for it, but when a terribly written book captures my attention (mostly young adult fiction), I just have to read it. I do read a lot of the classics, though, like Hemmingway, McCarthy, Austen. And JK Rowling, of course.

What I don't read: Twilight. 'Nuff said.

Could I edit someone else's work?  I have been since I was nine, so I definitely am an experienced editor. I'm good with grammar, spelling, punctuation, and the general flow. Okay, not spelling. But that's what spell check is for.

What I'm looking for: A few people who I can talk with about writing and my stories, and who feel they can confide in me their musings as well. I'd love for there to be 4, maybe 5 people who every time one of us writes something, everyone else dives in with praise and criticism. Please comment on this post and let me know if you'd like to be a part of that group. Everyone who comments get my friend request, and I hope all the commenter's do the same.
12 August 2010 @ 09:39 pm

Name: Call me Riven, or Raven, their pen names.
Age: 15
About Me: I'm a raven amongst crows. In other words, I'm a teenage writer going into her sophomore year of high school. I'm writing two novels, Dodger, the Pirate, and the Fire Queen & The Riddles.  My favorite writer is Edgar Allen Poe and my favorite poem by him is The Raven, ironically. I love writing and I can go all day just writing, it’s sad I know. It drives my mother insane, but my dad encourages me, egging me on and helping me out. I want to become a better writer and hopefully livejournal will help me do that. I've been writing since I was nine and it’s been my number one career choice ever since.  
About my Journal: My journal is... my journal, filled with my opinions, my ideas, my original works, my poems, and short stories. I got locked out of my previous journal so I started this one, and honestly I like it much better than my other one. 
What I write: Anything, I guess. I can write in any point of view fairly well, and I've even tried my hand at poetry. I write short stories and drabbles as well.
What I don't write: Steamy romances... I'm not good at them and nothing explicit either. 
What I read: Anything, as long as it grabs me. I love horror stories but I always skip to the end, suspense kills me. I like to read romances and fantasy, and adventures stories. I'm writing a horror story and a fantasy story. 
Could I edit someone else's work: Not for anything mechanical. Grammar is my weakness, my Achilles heel if you will, but I can offer comments from a reader’s point of view. I can tell you if it flow or not, or if it sound awkward. I just can't tell you were to place your commas. 
What I'm looking for: friends, someone to read my journal, comments, opinions, comments on my writing 

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23 July 2010 @ 11:39 am
Name: Just call me Shattered. :)

Age: 17

About me: I write, I write and I write. A lot. I've gone without eating for whole days because I'm writing. Its a sad and tragic thing. I love it and want to be better at it and do it professionally. I'm starting my Senior Year of High School in the fall. I'm terrified.

About my journal: Its about my Senior Year. EVERYTHING about it, for posterity. I'll talk about my hopes and dreams and fears and distaste for Math.I'll even post some of my work. Here's an opportunity for those of you that want to, to get inside my head. Or for those of you who are younger, to see what your Senior Year may be like.

What I write: Romaction, Poetry. Pretty much everything.

What I don't write: No, I lied. I absolutely do not write Erotica or Roleplay. Never. But I do occasionally like to read roleplay, just not writing it. No no~ Also, I hate essays with a burning ,fiery passion.

What I read: Anything that looks interesting, and that's a fact. :)

What I don't read: Hard to say. I like to vary styles, genres and authors.

Could I edit someone else's work?  Sure, I don't see why not. :P

What I'm looking for: Writers, friendship and people to read my journal. And comments. Advice, occasionally. :)

Yup, that's me. Just a Shattered Star. Now why don't you drop on by and tell me who you are?
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19 July 2010 @ 01:18 pm
Name: Asia

Age: 16, I'll be 17 in August

About me: I've been writing forever to be completely honest. However, I haven't had much time in the past year due to my work. I'm an IB major so instead of writing stories, I write research papers, IOCs, IOPs, IAs, ToK essays, and EEs. That's my life for the next year as well, but I'll be majoring in English and Psychology in college. I'm really very excited to express myself to people that enjoy writing as much as I do.

About my journal: It has old stories, new stories, and poetry. When I say old I mean old. I stumble across stories from middle school and elementary school. If I find it, I post it. There's a sprinkling of personal posts, but they're not too personal.

What I write: I write fiction and poetry. I suppose I could write a story about something real, but I already do that for school so that wouldn't be much fun for me. People can even make suggestions for stories. I might write them.

What I read: Any book and every book that's interesting, which doesn't really narrow it down much. I'll read about anything. Whales or vampires. A rare animal or a dog.

What I don't read: Something that puts me to sleep or makes me flip through pages quickly.

Could I edit someone else's work?  I would think so. You'll have to give me notice, but I enjoy reading stories and helping people enhance their written world.

What I'm looking for: Writers that are focused and willing to exchange ideas. I'm thinking about writing a stories with other people getting involved. We can write them together on Google Docs. I want to know what people think of my work. What can I do better? What am I already doing that's good? In return, I will give you my concrit :)
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13 July 2010 @ 07:32 pm

Name: Brandie

Age: 16, I'll be 17 in December

About me: I've been writing all my life. It's my passion, and, quite frankly, an obsession. I plan to be a professional writer, and have begun writing my first novel and hope to finish by the end of the school year. I major in Visual Arts at my highschool and, at the moment, tell people I plan on becoming a web designer or video game artist. But let's be honest, I want to be an author and have no interest in anything else at all. The idea of majoring in art in college terrifies me and I hate art class. Heck, I'm even starting to hate art.

About my journal: It has no real meaning at the moment, except that I plan on writing about things I stumble across, about my adventures, and most likely about my novel. It'll most certainly become a place for me to vent, rant, and tell about my misfortunes. However, I have no doubts that it'll also turn into a journal about my writing, how I deal with life, and my plans for getting published.

What I write: Romance, fantasy, action, horror, scifi... Anything fiction I'll write. I honestly can't stand non-fiction, though have an obsession with fictional things. Currently, my novel is a mix of romance, action, fantasy, and religion, and there's a good chance there will be a lot more genres mixed in.

What I don't write: Non-fiction, it's so boring to me.

What I read: Any sort of fiction. My all time favorite books (at the moment, they're subject to change) are Ender's Game, Maximum Ride, and... Well, I honestly can't say much more besides that. I read too many books to keep track of (there are piles of books on the floor of my room because I'm out of shelf/table top/dresser/closet space).

What I don't read: Non-fiction and seriously depressing or angry books. For example, Wuthering Heights. I hated that book. I know it's a classic, but that book just made me want to kill all the characters and then possibly the author.

Could I edit someone else's work?  Absolutely, though you need to ask first. And give me a word and/or chapter count because I'm working on my own project at the moment.

What I'm looking for: Other serious writers who are willing to exchange advice and criticism, talk about writing, and take writing as seriously as I do.

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