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add_a_ya was created to provide a source for writers alike for young authors (roughly 13-19 of age). The best muse comes from others of like minds when you're in a war with writer's block, or when you're simply looking for the right word to etch. All writers from nonfiction to fantasy are welcomed. Please understand that this is NOT a community to display your work for the sole purpose of getting critique or read. It's a friend-add community for writers.

* Please make use of the LJ Tags available. It'll help potential readers/writers find your entry based on the tags you choose.


(1) Please do not blatantly advertise your communities. Exceptions would be writing communities, however they must be confined to a simple link [no pictures please] in your self-advertisement.

(2) Be courteous - if you're going to display your work in your self-advertisement, put it behind a lj-cut or supply a weblink to it if it's long.

Remember, this is not a community to have your work critiqued. There are other very lovely communities for that.

Violaters will be given two silent chances, a ban will then be enforced without warning.

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add_a_writer : writers ages 20+
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